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Max Weber

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I am a Software Engineer with a decade of experience in variouse programming languages and across different disciplines in development.

My career started as a Consultant for CRM and was mainly focused on the Web Framework OpenUI for Siebel where he accomplished some tremendous milestones for my customers.

Later I started as a Freelancer to work for various enterprise customers such as Swisscom, Diligent and Quoniam. In that time I was able to deliver great results and supported to build software for thousands of active users today.

In that time Max decided to add a new skill to his belt and started a YouTube channel Flutter Explained that currently has more than 30.000 subscribers from all over the world.

If you are looking for someone who has multiple skills in Full Stack Software Engineering, CI / CD and Project Management. As well someone who is able to learn fast and efficient new skills across the industry, then do not wait longer and contact me right away.

The opinion of valued colleagues

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In addition to his technical skills, Max has excellent communication skills, making it easy for him to collaborate with team members, understand product and organization requirements, and provide insightful recommendations. It was especially valuable to perform joint pair programming and problem solving sessions as well as product-related refinements.

Jonas Pietzsch
Senior Software Engineer, FINN